Apartment building Overhoeks II




12.240 sqm

107 apartments, commercial and social spaces

JSA has designed a second apartment building in the new living and working quarter Overhoeks in the north of Amsterdam. JSA envisioned the design as a rock with two large cavities at both sides, as green spaces which improve the living quality. The building has an equal orientation to all sides, providing it with the same vivid appearance. The cavities generate a lot of natural daylight inside the relatively deep floorplan. The initially rectangular volume is softened by rounding many of the corners.

The upper floors are recessed which creates the possibility of spacious roofterraces. The setbacks make sure that surrounding blocks will receive sufficient daylight as well.

The entrance area as a spacious lobby, connects its interior with the gardens. Two social spaces as collective living rooms offer the possibility to use the ground floor in a varied way. A commercial space is programmed along the main traffic road.

The over a hundred apartments are structured around three vertical cores. This organization, together with the setbacks, has led to a varied housing typology with different floor areas.

The building appears as a metropolitan housing block with a refined detailing. Balconies and balustrades are part of the profiled brickwork facades because of their related shape and materialization.

Visuals: A2Studio