S-West, Strijp S


MRP Development

Urban design
West 8


29.665 m2

233 apartments and 750 m2 commercial space

S-West is located in the heart of the former Philips site Strijp S. The terrain has been transformed into a new urban district through initiatives by Trudo and according to the Masterplan of West 8 and has emerged as a vibrant and hip new part of Eindhoven. Existing industrial Philips buildings such as the clock building and the Anton and Gerard building on the Torenallee together with the new building form the layered DNA of the neighborhood.

S-West is located on the Torenallee and is defined by the St Lucas College and the monumental NATLAB building where most of the historical Philips inventions have taken place. The plan consists of 4 blocks on a sunken parking arranged arround two gardens.
The blocks all have their own character and are contemporary residential buildings with a nod to the industrial past of the place. The urban plinth will get a commercial infill at Torenallee. In addition the informal route of the neighboring SAS building, is continued through the courtyard and via a passage connected to the Torenallee.
The height of the blocks at the Kalffstraat has been reduced to give way to sunlight and to create a more spacious street profile.

On the urban Torenallee a striking tower of 60 m high, with a cantilevered head, steps out of the building line in the form of a colonnade over 2 layers. The 19-storey tower 'Frits' also follows a classical construction of plinth- body- crown and refers to the architecture and tectonics of a concrete silo building with an emphasis on verticality.The crown forms a striking beacon within Strijp S because of its circular cantilever. The entire tower has large industrial windows and is given a high-quality light sand-colored concrete finish.

Next to the tower we designed a massive and a staggered corner block called 'Frederik', which refers in architecture style to the streets of Soho New York; Urban pledging with cast-iron escape stairs and balconies as a functional ornament. The toughness is further enhanced by a lively robust brick in the colors of firery orange and dark brown.

The third block is a linear and more graceful block called 'Maria' which divides the courtyard garden and situated perpendicular to the ing Kalffstraat. The arches of the old radio building that once stood on Strijp formed a source of inspiration for the design. The block steps back on the south side. The building is erected in a tumbled gray stone.

In the armpit of the Natlab we make a small L-shaped block with a shed-shaped fa├žade on the ing Kalffstraat and a perpendicular volume with setbacks. The architecture of 'Benjamin' is formed by a rough nuanced ocher-yellow brickwork, which is horizontally cut through by a continuing concrete beam from which balconies, terraces and galleries emerges which are referring to industrial loading platforms.

The Plan counts a total of 235 apartments, a small 1000 m2 of commercial space and a basement that gives place to 95 pp and a collective bicycle storage. The two inner gardens are being developed according to the design of Felixx.

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