Housing Rietzoom


Dura Vermeer Bouw Zuid West BV


7.100 m2

16 apartments and 18 single-family houses

The project is located in the Rietzoom neighborhood, located in the new Zestienhoven Park district in the north of Rotterdam which houses 1,700 homes. The area is characterized as a high-quality green residential area in the vicinity of urban facilities. This condition was a starting point to integrate urban architecture with the green context by enhancing the plasticity of the facades. All houses are provided with generous outdoor spaces.

The single-family houses are united into building blocks of two, three or five units and distributed along one of the most urban lanes in the area. In the building masses, horizontal connections have been realized by shifts in volume parallel to the street. The resulting jumps provide space for balconies and entrances. Differences in brick color and texture emphasize the plasticity. Bay windows and turrets have been used in a contemporary fashion as part of a rich urban architecture.

The apartments are housed in two equal building volumes at the end of the street which leads to the green edge of the neighborhood. At ground level, both volumes are connected to a garage for bicycles and cars. The appearance of the brick ensemble is largely determined by generous, striking balconies and terraces, oriented on the water. Floor high glass sliding doors provide the apartments with a lot of light.