Apartment building Overhoeks


Ontwikkelcombinatie Overhoeks (Amvest and Ymere)

Urban design
Geurst en Schulze architecten


7.300 sqm

72 apartments

The project is located on the north bank of the IJ river, opposite the Amsterdam Central Station. The area is characterized as a vibrant living and working quarter in the vicinity of urban features in the inner city. Buildings and urban greenery in the area alternate, providing an attractive, varied living environment.

Centrally located in the area, the designed building has an equal orientation to all sides, providing it with the same vivid appearance. Set on an underground car park the building is slightly elevated from streetlevel which gives the volume a serene appearance. The upper floors are slightly reduced, so that sufficient daylight at street level remains possible.

Spacious outdoor spaces are designed as continuous verandas. The outdoor spaces are vertically connected by means of a filmy framework placed as a veil around the main volume. The framework consists of a composition of horizontal continuous and vertically offset lines. The framework is materialized with high performance concrete which makes very thin elements possible. The apartment facades are clad with vertical aluminum T-profiles in a gold colored coating.

All apartments are accessed from within through three cores, accessible via spacious entrance hallways, finished with oak wood slats. The building contains a large variety of dwellings determined by their position in the building.

Visuals: A2Studio