XS Deluxe Rijnkade




5.000 m2

Development vision for 73 micro-apartments

An important part of the approach of the trainstation area is formed by the recovering of the city canal. Increasing the residential programm and making the trainstationarea more lively safe and attractive can be seen as the main goals for the completion of the new building in front of the existing ‘Parking Rijnkade’. With our proposal XS Deluxe Rijnkade we think were able to give a clear answer to this ambition.

XS Deluxe Rijnkade is a slim and indepentend standing tower which exactly follows the outline of the adjacent department store. However completely covered by the new building volume, the existing parking will be totally accessible. By taking over the systemlines from the existing parking for the new building, old and new can be seamlessly fit to eachother. As part of the lively plinth programm, the parkingservice will strikingly be even more visible by placing the new tower in front of the Rijnkade parking.

On top of the public program in the plinth, city appartments will be realized which are given access by a royal lobby at the canalside on groundfloor level. Every three layers with microappartements will be accessible by one single hallway on the central floor.

This hotel-like typology gives access to apartments on top and underneath the hallway which run from façade to façade, as well as the panorama apartments on both sides of the hallway. The apartments differ in typology, however in size basicly all apartments are in the range of 30-40 m2. With the possibility of connecting basic apartment modules to create bigger units, XS Deluxe Rijnkade is able to suit to wishes and demands of potential clients. In this way the building is extremely flexible; it can easily compose tailormade apartments in the range from 25 to 80 m2. The central hallway floors give space to collective functions and facilities, which can be used by the inhabitans. After all this are the floors were 24 entrance doors come together.

By adding public programm to the plinth layers of the tower, the total Rijnkade facade Rijnkade changes and can be considered as a representive frontside and can connect with the adjacent future gatebuilding. The appearance of XS Deluxe Rijnkade is rather interesting; The stacking of different apartment modules is expressed in the threedimensional composition of the facade.

visuals: A2Studio