Porseleinen Hof, Spoorzone




11.300 m2

63 apartments, 33 houses and commercial space

The project, that has been named Porseleinen Hof (Porcelain Court) is located in the western spur of the Railway Zone Area and can be conceived as a cornerstone of the plan area. This function as cornerstone is represented by creating a height accent. By merging the higher volume with the low rise buildings on the adjacent plot, Porseleinen Hof presents itself as a unique building block, where the tower, the low rise housing, parking and a communal courtyard are optimally matched and interwoven into a pleasant and differentiated residential environment. A rational building system forms the basis, where as well the parking solution on street level as the higher housing units are listed in.

This clear system makes it possible to shape the building mass and generate architectonic expression to the differentiated programm that we envison for this particular location. Not a uniform hermetically sealed introverted housing block but rather a pleasant differentiated and inviting urban residential environment that is well connected to the water and green structure of its direct surroundings which is part of the frame work of the umbrella urban plan Nieuw Delft. In the masterplan ‘Zicht op Delft’ the following phrase represents the ambition quite well: “…a differentiated townscape that respects the existing characteristics but without completely sticking to it...”

The most important elements in the Porseleinen Hof design are; the striking tower along the Papsouwselaan- that, serving as a beacon, marks the entrance of New Delft on the west side of the plan area; the tunneled parking facility- with a lush courtyard on top; the urban stairs to the courtyard – opening the block to the adjacent waters and pocket park; and the sculptural appearance – which ensures that Porseleinen Hof on all sides appears different and fits into the streetscape.

Visuals: A2Studio 

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