Vijverbuurt neighbourhood, Zestienhoven


ABB Project ontwikkeling

Urban design
Urban Development Department, Rotterdam


250+ sq m

Three types of detached villas

The project involves designing three different types of villas along Buys Ballotlaan inRotterdam, in the Vijverbuurt neighbourhood of Park Zestienhoven. In the years ahead, this area between the city centre and Rotterdam-The HagueAirport will be developed into an attractive green residential setting just north of the centre.

The most striking feature of Villalaan (Buys Ballotlaan) is its deep waterside plots on the east side of the street and relatively broad, shallow plots on the west. The two types of plots differ markedly in their exposure to the sun, orientation and proportions. For the detached houses, the choice of plot largely determines the type of dwelling. For the plots on the east side of the street, a traditional or depth-oriented housing type is desirable. For the plots on the west side, given the shallower gardens, a rotated or breadth-oriented type is more appropriate.

For the detached housing types (A & B), we have developed floor plans that offer the greatest possible scope for extensions. The basic types are powerful architectural foundations that allow for considerable freedom. Access to the homes has been strategically designed so that buyers can expand them in various directions. Type C is the semi-detached house. Its floor plan is organised much like that of types A and B, but the standard version of type C includes a side-gabled roof. Despite the variation in appearance that will result from buyers selecting different options, the houses will have a clear family resemblance to one another. By striking a careful balance between architectural consistency and variety, between materials and details, the diverse houses will form a balanced whole suited to the dignified ambiance of the Villalaan.

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