Hogeweg Block 1


De Alliantie

Urban design



17.075 sq m

Building costs
14.800.000 euro

90 rental and sales units, a hostel & business space

On Amersfoort's east side, the gateway to the city will be thoroughly reinvented in the years ahead. As part of this shift, the profile of the main route into the centre, the Hogeweg, will be radically altered. While the Hogeweg is currently a roadway surrounded by greenery between the postwar districts of Liendert and Schuilenburg, it will become an urban avenue with perimeter blocks on either side. On the easternmost side of the project area, a flyover crossing the Hogeweg will improve the connection between the adjacent districts. This road section, called the Buurtas (‘Neighbourhood Axis’) will be bordered on the west by 2 perimeter blocks, which together will mark the new gateway to the centre. The urban plan for restructuring the Hogeweg district – which includes about 850 dwellings – was developed by KCAP.

The first perimeter block to be constructed along the Buurtas, north of Hogeweg, is being designed by JSA at the request of De Alliantie. This first part of the project involves a mix of functions and building units, in the form of a closed perimeter block over an underground car park with greenery in the centre. The project as a whole consists of 90 residential units for rental or sale, a drug addiction hostel for the Salvation Army, and business space and small-scale commercial amenities at ground level along the Buurtas and Hogeweg.

The design is intended to harmonise both with the typology of the new urban plan, in which perimeter blocks are made up of a variety of programmatic ‘granules’, and with the visual idiom of the surrounding postwar architecture, with its light colours and white concrete details. Another major objective has been a balanced treatment of the entrances to the homes, the hostel and the business spaces. All the outer edges of the perimeter block will be activated by the construction of entrance lobbies, in both the smaller streets and the more public spaces such as Hogeweg and the Buurtas. In contrast, the central courtyard will be a calm, green oasis, visible from every housing unit, with room for individual gardens and a large collective garden.

photography: Fred Oosterhuis