Domein Wonen

Urban design



9.000 sq m

63 houses and 28 appartments

Five architecture firms have been selected for the Vredesplein city-centre restructuring project inEindhoven, and JSA is one of them. The housing association Domein based its choice of architects in part on a workshop prior to the design process, in which both architects and local residents participated. The project involves the restructuring of the neighbourhood around Vredesplein, a square in theEindhovendistrict of Woensel. The objective is the physical and social regeneration of the neighbourhood. The present 400 homes with ground-level entrances, built in the 1920s, will be demolished and replaced by a roughly equal number of new homes.

These homes are being designed in the framework of an urban plan by the architectural firm DAT, which calls for perimeter blocks with an adjacent car-free, public green space. Parking spaces will be available inside the perimeter blocks. The designs for each block will come from multiple architects. JSA is designing 91 houses in various stages of development, in accordance with the plan, which calls for staggered demolition and rehousing. For the initial stage, we have designed nine detached houses and one patio dwelling. All ten of the homes are part of the same perimeter block, which is next to one of the 'green fingers' in the heart of the project area.

Instead of the traditional roofs that were originally dominant in the neighbourhood, the new design offers a contemporary reinterpretation with a variable eaves line. To create this effect, the side-gabled roof is interrupted by a series of different front gables, which work together to give the block a distinctive three-dimensional form. The sculptural character of the houes is reinforced by consistency in the materials and colour scheme; both the fa├žades and the roofs have a terracotta colour.

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