Oostende (B)

Oostendse Haard



9.352 sqm

80 apartments, a kindergarten and school care

As part of a European tender JSA and Cimka presented their architectural vision for the construction of a spacious apartment complex in the Belgian coastal resort of Oostende. The site is located at the outer borders of the Wellington golf course and is accessed by the main road from Oostende to the coast. The location is on the edge of two worlds, one formal and one informal.

By analyzing the context and the program the building concept has been developed as a free standing building, positioned back on the site. With this concept we aim on emphasizing the existing informal qualities of the site, with the landscape of the Wellington golf course stretched to the edges of the plot. The solitary and compact building itself takes full advantage of the sunshine and the view.

The building is situated on a gentle rise in the landscape, in which the underground parking garage is situated. On the ground floor both the nursery and the after-school care are situated, with access to private outdoor spaces on either sides of the building. Spacious entrance halls on the ground floor give access to the upstairs apartments.

The apartments are arranged around a common atrium and a series of stacked decks. In combination with large bay windows in the apartments the inner world connects to the outside world and creates a spacious, bright and vivid spatial experience.

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