Maassluis Museum


Municipality of Maassluis + Maassluis Museum



200 sq m

Building costs
290.000 euro

Revitalization of a Museum

The museum is located at Zuiddijk 16 in Maassluis, a late 19th-century building recognised by the municipality for its historical significance. In the 1980s, the museum expanded, adding a large museum gallery on the garden level and above it, at street level, an office area. This extension is connected to the historical building by a middle section containing the entrance lobby. 

The renovation of this lobby is one of the three main components of the revitalisation project. In the design, the new entrance area takes the form of a lantern. This will make the museum clearly visible in the streetscape from some distance away, day and night. Along with the entrance area, the garden wall separating the lower-lying museum garden from the street will also be renovated. Through the use of the same material and detailing, this garden wall forms a coherent ensemble with the new entrance door. 

The third section of the museum to be renovated is the interior of the ground floor. In the Dijkzaal, the exhibition gallery on the ground floor of the historical building, the indoor climate will be improved by insulating the facade and installing an air conditioning system. The walls, floor and ceiling will be given a fresh look, and a new huge pivoting door will provide access to the gallery. 

A wall cladded with oak is the connecting element between the new entrance hall, the renovated reception room and the Dijkzaal. Blue stone is used as flooring in the entrance hall and the reception room. A new reception desk, designed by Rian van Dijk, welcomes the visitors of the museum. 

photography: Luuk Kramer

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