Leuven (B)

Dijledal cvba


14.700 sqm

84 social housing units

The design is a competition entry for the creation of 84 social housing units for housing corporation Dijledal in the city of Leuven. The apartments are accomodated in a closed building block on the site on the Burchtstraat. This part of Leuven has the atmosphere of a port, with the former factory buildings of brewery Inbev. Furthermore, the site is adjacent to the Keizersberg, a green garden surrounding the abbey.

The design connects to the ‘industrial’ as well as to the green qualities of the area. The addressing of the houses has been a main starting point. All sides of the block are activated by making entrances on the outside as on the inside. Thus the court becomes part of the urban fabric and a link between the new park in the south and the Keizersberg in the north.

To prevent that the facades are dominated by galleries and to make an efficient infrastructure, the apartments on the higher floors can be reached by a system of corridors, giving access to apartments on multiple floors. The outdoor spaces have ‘green’ fences. As a wink to the former function of the site - as a brewery – it is suggested to overgrow the fences with hop plants.

visualisations: A2STUDIO

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