Mobers Residence


Shell Mobers and Sylvia Kruidhof



348 sq m

Building costs
381.000 euro

Private residence

In the area outside Zwolle, the clients for this design bought a large plot of land with a few structures on it, in a unique and beautiful location on the dike between the Zwarte Water River and the Stadskolk (a pond). The buildings already on the site are a dike house, an outbuilding at the rear, and a hay barn. The zoning plan does not allow these buildings to be expanded, but they can be replaced with new ones of equal volume.

The main residence on the dike, which was built in the early twentieth century, will be preserved. The exterior of this front building will be altered as little as possible, and the doorways and window openings will for the most part be left as they are. The interior floor plan of the house will be spatially and functionally optimized within the bounds of the existing three-aisled layout.

Behind the dike house, a new rear annexe will be built on the foundations of the outbuilding and connected to the front building with a one-floor area at ground level, the new entrance to the residence. The main load-bearing structure for the new rear annexe will consist of four sturdy oak trusses, which will remain visible. Above the living area there will be no separate upper level, but an atrium extending to the roof of the building. The exterior of the rear annexe will be finished entirely with pale, horizontal wooden slats, both the form and material of which allude to the archetypal barn. At the open windows, identical slats will be used to form shutters.

The upper floors of the buildings are separate, because of the two independent roof structures, but on the ground floor the existing house and the new annexe will be fluidly connected. The spatial concept for this level is based on ‘rooms’ linked diagonally. This creates intimacy, since each room is more or less closed off, but also a sense of spaciousness and unobstructed views, since the diagonals create long lines of sight.

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