Residential building Catharijnesingel


Vesteda Project BV

Cauberg-Huygen Raadgevende Ingenieurs


6.250 m2

Feasability study V&D location
Vesteda has asked JSA, in cooperation with the Cauberg-Huygen firm of consulting engineers, to investigate the possibilities for developing the site between the V&D department store and the Catharijnesingel, a filled city moat in Utrecht that will be reopened in the years ahead. The main objective of the design for the site is to increase the supply of housing in this part of the city and make the area around the railway station livelier, more attractive, and safer.

The feasibility study is based on the principles and parameters set out in the master plan for the Utrecht railway station area. The study will serve two purposes: providing new insight into the feasibility of housing development in this location, and showing how this can be done effectively.

Identifying a number of themes, the study examines what model fits most logically into the fabric of the city and identifies one preferred option: the Razor Model.

The Razor Model involves a slender tower within the building line of the V&D. Together with the adjacent V&D and SHV buildings, this tower will form a balanced boundary for the outdoor area along Rijnkade. The existing parking garage will be concealed from view.

The height of the building will make it possible for the apartments to have attractive views on two sides, of both the station area and the historic city centre. This two-sided orientation will also make it possible to meet the City of Utrecht's noise level requirements.

The layout of the site at ground level and the handling of the ground floor of the buildings will be crucial to the design as a whole. By adding new elements to the brief, the frontage along Rijnkade can be transformed into an impressive urban scene, integrally connected to the adjacent Catharijneknoop nexus to be developed.

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