Riyadh (SA)

Hollandia il B'ia


760 sq m

Luxury villa
JSA, along with Cimka and HofmanDujardin, has been invited by Hollandia il B’ia to design three types of villas for the first large-scale luxury housing development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The development site Ajmakan, to the northwest of Riyadh, is 185 hectares in size, and the objective is to create a high-quality living environment with houses, offices, hotels and shops. The 460 planned villas will surround a wadi, a centrally located green space.

Three villas have been designed, varying in size between 750 and 1.500 m2. JSA’s design for a 760 m2 villa takes explicit account of local circumstances, particularly the need for privacy and shelter from the sun. Through large overhanging roofs and walled outdoor areas, the villa shapes its own ideal living environment.

The plan of the villa can be read as a storyboard. The front door leads into the vestibule, which has separate exits leading to the majlis, the formal living room, and the central hall. The vestibule is naturally lit from above by a three stories high lantern.

The central hall gives access to the back garden, with a pond surrounded by terraces and orange trees, as well as to the floor above, where the formal dining room and the family rooms are located. Two monumental spiral staircases lead to different parts of the villa: the stairs on the left to the family rooms, and the stairs on the right to the formal dining room. This facilitates a strict separation between the private part of the villa and the formal area.

On the second floor the rooms are oriented towards the interior to ensure maximum privacy. By means of one large patio and two smaller ones, as well as a mashrabiya window, each room on this floor receives natural light.

The facades of the villa will feature natural travertine and white concrete elements, with large mashrabiya window frames for daylight, ventilation, and privacy. The parts of the facade that are sheltered from direct sunlight and not directly visible from the adjacent villas are maximally open, with large glazed facades and sliding doors.

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