Implant Practice


Fridus van der Weijden



190 m2

Building costs
385.000 euro

Utilitarian building
This project is a 190 m2 extension of the Periodontology Practice (for gum disease) on Livingstonelaan in the district of Kanaleneiland in Utrecht.

This practice, which was thoroughly renovated between 2003 and 2005 by JSA, is a one-storey building between two taller flat blocks. The pavilion-like nature of the building is considered a very valuable quality, to be preserved and even enhanced. The overhang in front will be extended so that the new area can be located beneath it. Because the space available in front is limited, the extension will be divided over two storeys. Maintaining the height of the overhang led to the decision to carry out part of the extension on a basement level, with an elevated ground floor above it.

Alongside the two large doctors' offices and three smaller consulting rooms, the terms of reference for the new office call for a number of auxiliary areas. The most significant of these areas is the waiting room, which forms an axis cutting straight across the practice. Large bay windows are placed at either end of this axis to allow natural light into both the new waiting area and the basement.

The basement is constructed with high-quality concrete and connected to the upper level by means of a large atrium. In this atrium, the concrete wall extends to the roof of the building, creating a spatial connection between the two storeys. A monumental staircase makes this connection functional as well.

In addition to the high-quality concrete, the interior also involves white stucco, translucent glass, and American maple wood. The maple is used for the permanent furnishings and the woodwork of the staircase.

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