Strijp S


Stichting Trudo



As part of the Strijp S Event, a group of architecture graduates and Archiprix nominees from Eindhoven have been invited to present their views on the transformation of the former Philips factory site near the centre of Eindhoven.

JSA’s contribution to this event focuses on the reuse of the pipe/conduit route at the rear of the Hoge Rug building. The proposal is to use this route to expand the ground floor of the Hoge Rug. The route can be converted into a Galleria with a connective function. This would provide ideal, deluxe premises for the BIG BAZAR STRIJP S planned for this location.

To this end, JSA suggests the following adaptations.

The pipe/conduit route can be left in place over the entire length of the Hoge Rug, and a glass roof can be installed on top of the structure. The pipes and conduits in place there will form an intriguing indus-trial filigree pattern in the roof, ornamenting the BIG BAZAR with the interplay of light and shadow.

The floors on the second storey of the Hoge Rug will be partly removed, creating a large, well-illuminated, high-ceilinged space at ground level. The floor will be left in place only in the middle bay. This ‘catwalk’ will provide access to the upper floors, make it possible to move quickly from hall to hall, and afford a view of the BIG BAZAR below. The levels above the first floor already receive enough sunlight, and they will remain intact.

Adjacent to the Galleria, the front of the Hoge Rug will be removed over two upper storeys. This will allow the daylight to penetrate the space more deeply and effectively, and the footprint will be optimized. On the other side, the arched halls will be linked to the large space on the ground floor; the BIG BAZAR will thus run from the Galleria to Torenallee, with an excellent connection to the public area.

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