Sancta Maria

Noordwijk / Noordwijkerhout

Blauwhoed Eurowoningen

Urban design
Karres en Brands Landschapsarchitecten

Inbo Woudenberg, DPI


Area surface
44 ha

84 luxury villas
The design is related to a redevelopment plan for the former psychiatric hospital Sancta Maria, on the municipal boundaries of Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout at the inner edge of the dunes. Within the terms of the call for tenders, the design is oriented towards reuse of the buildings already present and the addition of 84 luxury villas to the present park-like landscape.

The provisional urban plan (developed by Karres & Brands, a firm of landscape architects) is very much in harmony with the pre-existing qualities of the site, and aims above all to preserve these qualities and reinforce them where appropriate. To this end, it sets out a straightforward spatial concept based on four zones: Park, Woods’ Edge, Developed Rooms and Undeveloped Rooms. JSA took this planning framework as its foundation and worked out certain aspects of it in greater detail. Moreover, JSA designed six very different types of home.

In the Park zone, the heart of the plan area, are the former hospital buildings. While they will serve a number of special functions, for the most part they will be converted into apartment buildings.

In the Woods' Edge zone, 41 plots will be used for ‘houses in the woods’. Each of these houses will be situated within a ‘green room’, a clearing in the woods. JSA has developed three different types of houses in the woods for these ‘rooms’; each type has a distinctive and explicit relationship to its environment.

The Undeveloped Rooms, on the fringes of the plan area, will hold seven ‘villas in the woods’. These spacious residences will be adjacent to open green spaces, with the woods behind them. JSA's design for the villa in the woods involves a rich range of spatial structures.

The Developed Rooms are characterized by a more open, green structure, with reeds, copses and waterways. They will serve as the location for 33 residences of four different kinds, linked by architectural family resemblances.

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