Dirk van den Burgweg

Hoek van Holland

Schouten de Jong Projectontwikkeling bv

Urban design
CH & partners


8.440 m2

38 single-family houses
Hoek van Holland is the most western part Rotterdam, bordered by the Nieuwe Waterweg and the North Sea. Besides beach recreation the area is dominated by greenhouses and bunkers from World War II.

In the urban plan of CH & Partners for the Dirk van den Burgweg JSA designs 38 dwellings divided into two rows. The rows are composed of smaller blocks of two, four or five houses, positioned on different distances from the street. The two rows of houses stand back to back, separated by water.

The design can be described as archetypal but abstract Dutch brick architecture. Distinct white borders surrounding the window frames not only bring on a certain lightness to the houses, but also express the desired ‘polder-architecture’.