Nieuw Crooswijk


OCNC, Ontwikkelingscombinatie Nieuw Crooswijk

Urban design
West 8



14.750 sq m

51 apartments and 24 dwellings

Rotterdam’s Crooswijk district has been largely demolished to make room for 1.750 new apartments and houses. This redevelopment project aims to create a contemporary urban district with a diverse, appealing range of residents, homes and types of housing, called Nieuw Crooswijk.

The urban master plan for Nieuw Crooswijk, developed by West 8, envisages a network of green lanes connected by cross-streets. The lanes and streets enclose perimeter blocks, in which individual buildings have distinctive characters. Each perimeter block has a covered car park underneath the private patios and the shared courtyard. At the architectural level, the master plan emphasizes richly detailed masonry facades reminiscent of the ‘Crooswijk detailing’ formerly found in many places in the district.

Within the Wandeloordgebied sub-plan, which includes about 660 residences, the apartment blocks and the ground-level homes are being designed by six different architects. JSA is responsible for five apartment buildings of various sizes and 30 ground-level homes.

The most striking element of the buildings designed by JSA are the bay windows; almost all the homes and apartments feature a contemporary version of the bay windows found in many sizes and varieties in the area. These windows add dimension and detail to the facades, merging craftsmanship with a contemporary feel.

In the apartment buildings, the bay windows are placed between courses of brickwork that project out from the wall slightly. The ground-level homes will have large, projecting window frames facing the street on the upper floor. The brickwork around the frames will be arranged in block bond, with the tops of the bricks facing forward. This produces richly detailed masonry and a subtly distinctive surface pattern.

photography: Luuk Kramer

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