Urban design
dS+V / Geurst & Schulze architecten

Claus en Kaan architecten Rotterdam


17.520 sq m

108 dwellings in Punt 2 and Schipper 2
The 19th century Bospolder-Tussendijken neighbourhood has been the subject of restructuring for many decades. A new aspect included in the most recent plans is the aim to integrate higher-income residents into a neighbourhood with diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Punt 2 and Schipper 2 sub-plans, totalling 226 housing units, form part of the ‘Punt-Schipperbuurt’ urban development master plan drawn up by architects Geurst & Schulze. In this master plan, not only did they seek inspiration in the original qualities of the 19th century architecture, but also in the character of Mediterranean cities, the aim being to better meet the wishes of the new communities.

In contrast to the surrounding closed building blocks, Punt 2 and Schipper 2 have been conceived as ‘transparent building blocks’. The transparent building blocks are made up of a number of strips, aligned in a laminated structure and separated by inner gardens.

Of these transparent building blocks, JSA has designed four row blocks and two end blocks totalling 108 housing units. The units in the row blocks will be placed back-to-back. The end blocks will have houses with a through lounge on the ground floor. In addition to apartments, the ends of the various building components along the Hudsonstraat will also house the collective facilities for each building block.

In this way, six sculptural blocks of buildings will be created, varying in height from 3 to 6 floors with abundant balconies, terraces and loggias. In the manifestation and materialisation of the building blocks, a representation has been sought that fits in both with 19th century Rotterdam brick architecture and with Mediterranean architecture.

Visuals: A2studio

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