Van der Weijden house


F. van der Weijden



400 sq m

Area surface
1,5 ha

Building costs
260.000 euro

Alterations to an existing house
This design for the Van der Weijden family involved the thorough renovation and expansion of a house from the 1970s, located in a rural setting in the outskirts of Woerden on a 1,5 hectare plot of land.

The building was originally designed as a company home in 1973, by an American entrepreneur who had established a company on the same site. The style of this house could best be described as a cross between an American bungalow with a large number of rooms on the ground floor and a Dutch country house with a sloping roof.

The client’s instructions were essentially to open up the house, to make it larger, better lit, and less cramped.

On the ground level, this was accomplished by improving the relationship between the house and its own garden, by taking steps to bring more daylight into the house, and by organizing the various residential uses desired by the client into an open plan.

The design made all this possible by removing the rear wall along the full breadth of the house and replacing it with a continuous, canopied facade, two metres further out, made up of large panoramic windows alternating with French windows. In the place of the old exterior wall, various modular elements were inserted, so that the kitchen, the workroom, the computer room, and the music room are now located in this continuous space.

On the first floor, under the sloping roof, the existing floor plan was optimized, primarily through the addition of two extended dormers. The renovation has increased the residential floor area to a total of 400 square metres.

Photography: ARCASA

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