Waterrijk, Inarihof


Heijwaal cv

Urban design
West 8



3.500 sq m

22 dwellings
Adjoining the Breeveld natural lake on the one side and the Cattenbroek recreation lake on the other, the ‘Waterrijk’ urban development of West 8 in Woerden provides space for 900 houses on four residential islands with a character that refers back to the historic ‘Holland watertown’.

The Inarihof plan, located on the northernmost island, is characterised by a closed building block made up of individual houses around a communal outside space with ground-level parking provided half under the houses and half under a deck on the individual properties. This means that all the living areas have been moved to the first floor and provided with a large terrace, from which stairs provide access to the elevated central space at the rear of the house.

The houses have been alternately designed by Mix and JSA, giving rise to building blocks with a great diversity of facades. Rather than forming a long series of similar houses, the complex features different house designs alongside each other.

JSA designed three basic types: row houses, gate houses and corner houses. Not only can the occupants choose the floor plan themselves, they also have a say in the design and materialisation of the outside walls. To this end, JSA designed a series of different exterior walls, divided into two or three sections, with windows or doors, in natural stone or in brick and with either a roof structure or a straight wall. This produces a range of different buildings characterised by their individuality.

Photography: ARCASA

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