Westerstein, Hoogvliet


Estrade Projecten


3.500 sq m

Limited competition: 24 apartments and parking facilities

The post-war Hoogvliet neighbourhood is being restructured and renovated. The original spacious layout of the neighbourhood makes it possible not only to improve its quality but also to increase the density of the housing. Commissioned by Estrade Projects, JSA carried out a study into realising 26 care apartments, including the accompanying parking facilities.

JSA took this as an opportunity to make major improvements to the unsightly situation at the street level around the existing Westerstein high-rise block. The existing car park will be transformed into an area in which parking and greenery are integrated. The parking facility for the new building will be constructed under the building but at ground level. This parking facility will be screened by green walls.

This solution has a several advantages. Firstly, it guarantees the accessibility of the garage in a simple and leisurely manner. Secondly, this solution makes it possible to use the budget set aside for a basement towards a more attractive residential floor.

Instead of the standard corridor/balcony formula, a structure is proposed that upgrades all the private and communal outdoor spaces. The residential floor can be seen as a large deck with two clusters of in total six apartments positioned separately from each other. Around these clusters, room is left for access to the apartments and for a sun terrace – a sheltered place from which to survey the surroundings or a place to meet. The appearance of the building is dominated by three ‘floating’ horizontal decks.

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