Haringstraat / Stevinstraat


Stichting DUWO, Delft



2.505 sq m

Building costs
2.235.000 euro

31 youth apartments and 4 single-family houses

Commissioned by housing corporation DUWO, 31 youth apartments and 4 single-family houses have been realized along with the necessary parking facilities on private property. The project is situated within a 19th century closed building block between the Haringstraat and the Stevinstraat in Scheveningen.

The youth apartments are organized around an exterior space that is newly designed. We were able to do so by turning this part of the program 90 degrees, positioning it in the interior of the block, whilst the single-family houses and parking facilities are orientated onto the Haringstraat. The result of this scheme is a linear and car-free courtyard, similar to the traditional courtyards in Scheveningen, which can be found in the immediate surrounding areas. Individual youth apartments can be accessed from the courtyard or from a gallery that encircles the space.

Within this concept the outer facades are constructed mainly of red brickwork, fitting in like a chameleon in the existing 19th century street profile, whilst the court is materialized with graphic facades of silver printed hard glazed panels. In some places the brickwork folds into the courtyard, while the glass facade (by the entrance of the courtyard at the Haringstraat) folds out onto the street.

Graphical design: Stout/Kramer

Photography: Luuk Kramer

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