Giessen (D)

Municipality of Giessen


45.000 sq m

Competition: biomedical research centre

In the German city of Giessen, a design has been made for a campus-like extension to the university complex. The programme comprises 45.000 m2 of buildings and 20.000 m2 of parking space on a site with a surface area of 100.000 m2. By concentrating the required 1.000 parking spaces along the periphery of the site in three ‘caissons’ and by projecting the car parks partially on top of other facilities, the remainder of the site can be laid out as a park.

In the proposed oak-leaf-shaped campus, the existing Anatomical Institute will be flanked by two new buildings for the forschunsgzentrum, which will be positioned separately in the greenery among the trees in such a manner that they are visible from all sides. The buildings in the car parks are tall and compact and overlook the park. In the compact building volumes in the park, the surface area of the exterior walls of the buildings is considerably increased by making incisions and constructing patios so that all the working spaces receive natural lighting.

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