Andreas Ensemble


Municipality of Amsterdam, 'Stadsdeel Slotervaart'

Urban design
Palmboom & van den Bout


75.700 sq m

Study project

The plan area – the site of the former Andreas Hospital – is situated on the ‘borders of different worlds’ with in the east the pre-war city and its closed building blocks, in the west the open strip parcelling of garden neighbourhoods and on the edge the A10 national trunk road. The commission (400 houses + 20.000 m2 of facilities) requires two models to be investigated; one consisting of preservation and reuse and the other involving the demolition of the existing hospital.

For the model that examines the possibilities for preserving the existing complex it is proposed to preserve the main complex in its integral and pure H-structure. An urban development model will unfold from two entities; the existing main building as solitary and the slab on the Lelylaan as a ‘wall’ element, as described in the urban programme.

For the model examining the demolition of the exis-ting hospital the proposal is to preserve the three pavilions; the restaurant, the chapel and the Japanese pavilion. These smaller buildings in particular fit in well with the proposed concept of an inhabited park. In this way an urban development model will unfold from two entities: the three pavilions in the green zone and the slab along the Lelylaan as a ‘wall’ described in the urban programme. In the demolition the strengths of the location lie particularly in its park-like setting sheltering in the bend of the A10 and the Lelylaan as actual top of the Rembrandt Park.

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