Villa Florie


mr and mrs Florie

Urban design



414 sq m

Private residence

In the period 1998-2006, JSA completed a number of building projects for various clients in the Zenderpark development.

The plan for the villa forms part of a series of four islands that flank the main entrance to the development. Based on the urban development plan, the land has been parcelled out in such a manner that the contours of the islands are formed by the construction blocks that are erected in the water itself. This avoids frayed water edges on the private side of the plot. The private villa, together with four semi-detached houses, forms the smallest island of the development.

The villa fits inside the envelope defined by JSA for the series of construction blocks along the north side. Together with the other peripheral houses, it forms a series of slender and shallow buildings. The light grey brick is combined with a facade of natural stone brick on the ground floor, teak frames and joinery and zinc roof structures.

All the private outdoor spaces are included in the design as building elements. A terrace beside the water, a patio bordering the street and on the roof an enclosed terrace that offers the occupants a private place to cool off after a hot sauna. The floor plans unfold around a central spiral staircase that has no newel.

Photography: ARCASA

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