Bouwveld 17 Noorderplassen


Blauwhoed Eurowoningen bv Rotterdam

Urban design



2.200 sq m

Building costs
2.530.000 euro

11 dwellings

In the Noorderplassen-West district of Almere, JSA has created designs for two building sites. On site 17, eleven detached, three-storey houses have been constructed, each one different from the others. The urban plan developed by KCAP involves programmatic ‘labelling’ of the building sites; the subdivision of the sites was determined by the participating architects. Site 17 is labelled ‘living at the water’s edge’.

The eleven homes, which fall into four different categories, have a basic size of about 600 cubic metres. Purchasers can also choose from a variety of optional extensions and additions, creating a highly diverse look. In combination with the choice of materials, the draft plan – which is based on various modular combinations of six by six metre spatial units – creates a sense of architectural unity and coherence. The houses are located at the rear of the site, and each have a landing extending out over the water and a garden in front and on the south side. The garden is separated from the street by a hedge and a large, projecting carport with a storage area, an entrance gate, and an intercom.

Because of the houses’ location at the edge of the pond, the design aims for a robust visual effect: sturdy masonry houses with long, charcoal-grey bricks and broad wall openings with white frames. The landings are large enough to moor a ten-metre-long sailing ship.

Photography: ARCASA

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