Three islands, Zenderpark


Florie Projectontwikkeling bv

Urban design



12.570 sq m

Building costs
8.250.000 euro

55 dwellings

In the period 1998-2006, JSA completed a number of building projects for various clients in the Zenderpark development.

The plan for the 55 houses forms part of a series of four islands that flank the main entrance to the development. Based on the urban development plan, the land has been parcelled out in such a manner that the contours of the islands are formed by the construction blocks that are erected in the water itself. This avoids frayed water edges on the private side of the house or plot. The bayonet-shaped channels generate a variety of house types that have their primary living areas facing the water as much as possible.

The client wanted very large houses to be built on the islands. The concept that was finally chosen involved realising as many square metres as possible on the ground floor, thus making the upper two floors relatively slender and compact. This approach leads to a plot that is fully built-up, with recesses in the building volume for daylight and car parking. Three of these house types have been designed: a deep, a wide and a square type, all with outdoor terraces beside the water and gardens and terraces on the first floor.

Photography: ARCASA

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