Two apartment towers, Beekpoort


3W Vastgoed


6.720 sq m

34 apartments

This project consists of two residential buildings, with seventeen apartments each, which will be built on both sides of the Zuid Willemsvaart, north of the centre of Weert. The residential buildings on the side of the canal closest to the centre have a view of the water on the north side and faces the sun on the south.

Based on these facts a concept has been developed that makes maximum use of the situational factors. With only 3 apartments per storey all collective facilities are clustered and projected on the south side. Here comes a structure that combines access, staircases, lifts and external spaces. It is best described as a series of vertically stacked verandas, which protects the areas on the south of the building from too much sun.

This clustering also makes it possible to have all three apartments face north-south, towards the canal and the sun. The absence of side walls in the middle apartments is compensated by extra space across the other two sides. The north side will have an unrestricted clear view over the canal through panoramic windows.

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