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Study project: 53 apartments

Tuinstad Buitenveldert is characterised by its explicitly modernistic design. The area has been designed with a methodical and spacious orthogonal structure, with each of the different functions being allocated its own place (zone).

Based on these observations a model has been chosen that does not detract from the informal quality of the location but has the potential to enhance it. To achieve this, the volume to be built has been split into three components. These three building blocks can jointly be seen as a single structure, but also as a series of repetitive strips. This establishes a link with both the houses to the south of the location and the more solitary nature of the public utilities zone.

The three blocks measure 50 by 15 metres at the base and reach a maximum height of 16 metres. Within this volume, the apartments have been placed back to back around a central corridor, with enough space on each floor for six apartments. To provide each apartment with a proper outside space, areas have been left vacant so that each apartment has a spacious adjoining terrace, a sun lounge or a large balcony. This results in a configuration in which 18 apartments have been realised in the two end blocks and 17 (100 m2) apartments of three different types in the central blocks. Under the blocks, a parking facility will be provided in the form of a basin sunk halfway into the ground. It will accommodate 82 cars and 60 bicycles.

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