Westerdok Island


Wodan cv Amsterdam



18.080 sq m

Building costs
15.820.000 euro

Apartments and office space

For the Westerdok Island in Amsterdam JSA has made the design for four of the fourteen building units, that form part of the central block; buildings 1, 2, 9 and 10. The urban plan of the central block can be seen as a closed building block with a large central space - the Cour. The buildings vary in height between three and eleven storeys and have an underground parking garage extending under the whole area.

In the building on the side of the IJ, seven storeys in some sections and eleven in others, 97 apartments and a 1.500 m2 office space are to be realised. In the building section on the side of the Westerdok 36 apartments as well as the gatehouse are to be realised. This tower consists of eleven floors, with four apartments per floor on levels 0-6 and two apartments per floor on levels 7-10.

Both buildings are completely constructed of liver-coloured hand-moulded bricks, with a variety of horizontal and vertical brickwork. Wide panoramic windows and loggias are to be found on the side of the quay, while on the side of the courtyard large brick balconies hang from the facade. This gives an overall picture of an expressive brick sculpture with large glass recesses, with brickwork extended across the block as a continuous cover.

Photography: Luuk Kramer

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