Porch house


mr and mrs van Zanden



60 sq m

Building costs
82.000 euro

Alterations to an existing house

The assignment involved designing an entrance porch, carport and garden house as an extension to a private villa in Rhoon.

The original house, a two-storey building with a flat roof, dates back to 1964. Designed by Jan Hoogstad and erected using a clear concrete skeleton and brick structure, it had been extensively renovated and expanded in the nineties. In order to avoid the new additions creating a second ‘annual ring’, the new work has been ‘erected’ as little as possible but rather suspended as seemingly weightless objects.

The cantilever of the relatively large, wide area is made possible through the use of 5000 kg steel in the roof, secured to the existing concrete skeleton of the house using chemical joints. On the side where it is suspended the steel construction is clad with translucent glass, both above and below. The closed parts below are covered by teak wooden cladding with a rubber striping; a finish that is normally used on the deck of boats.

Photography: ARCASA

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