Orthodontist's practice


Shell Mobers



385 sq m

Building costs
542.000 euro

Utilitarian building

The practice for the orthodontist – or cosmetic dentist – is located in the outskirts of Zwolle-Zuid. On the border of a recently realised industrial estate and a residential area the building forms a transition between both urban structures. As the surroundings are not that scenic and the programme encourages concealment, a concept has been developed that makes it possible to control the view of the outside on the one hand and restrict the view into the practice on the other.

Looking at the functions of the orthodontist, who wishes to treat several patients at the same time, a plan has been developed that fits his operations perfectly. In contrast to this the sequence of stillness – the waiting and lying – have, for the patient, been given form. This theme culminates in the treatment room, where the lying patient gazes - open mouthed - at an unrestricted view of the Dutch sky via a seven-metre high ‘lantern’.

The walls of the building are almost completely made of large bluish-black English paving stones and are perforated where necessary. The external frames and the facade cladding are made of transparent oiled timber strips. The dental furniture is made of natural concrete treatment tops, stainless steel frames and translucent glass foot blocks.

Photography: ARCASA

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