Eiland Zenderpark


Schouten Aannemersbedrijf BV

Urban design



1.350 sq m

Building costs
600.000 euro

4 dwellings

In the period 1998-2006, JSA completed a number of building projects for various clients in the Zenderpark development.

The plan for the four houses forms part of a series of four islands that flank the main entrance to the development. Based on the urban development plan, the land has been parcelled out in such a manner that the contours of the islands are formed by the construction blocks that are erected in the water itself. This avoids frayed water edges on the private side of the house or plot.

The four houses, together with a private villa, form the smallest island of the development. The houses are connected in blocks of two, with the elongated block forming the point of the overall plan. Together with the adjoining 55 houses and the villa, they form a unity in diversity in their materialisation. The light grey masonry is framed by steel wall supports and whitewood joinery and frames.

Photography: ARCASA

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