Fields 25 & 28, Zenderpark


Zenderbouw bv

Urban design



3.060 sq m

Building costs
1.832.500 euro

17 dwellings

In the period 1998-2006, JSA completed a number of building projects for various clients in the Zenderpark development.

Field 25 comprises eleven more-or-less detached houses located ‘among the trees’. The plots and the houses have been arranged in such a way that the number of clustered and detached houses and the even distribution of the eleven houses over the entire construction field have been optimised.

Field 28 comprises a terrace of six row houses ‘between the streets’. In these houses, the living area is on the first floor. In addition to a walled-in garden on the ground floor, the houses have an enclosed roof garden on the second floor.

The roof structure is covered with patined zinc in riveted strips. The rainwater drains have been incorporated into the masonry and are finished with zinc covers, while the outer doors are faced with wooden sections on the outside. Beech hedges planted along the plot boundaries of Field 25 complete the picture.

Photography: Bastiaan Ingenhousz

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