Two apartment towers


Banijko vof Deventer



3.600 sq m

Building costs
2.350.600 euro

28 apartments

The plan consists of two apartment towers, each with fourteen apartments, in the ‘Vijfhoek’ neighbourhood in Deventer. The building marks out the intersection of the Gooikersdijk and the Springerlaan, the latter of which forms the main access to the neighbourhood. The levelled dike, in part along the Gooikersdijk, forms an old green ribbon structure of mature oaks and beech trees.

With two apartments per storey the towers have a slim, erect look. The house floor plan is dominated by a large living area across the entire nave width of 7,5 metres on the south side. In the adjacent zone for the exterior rooms the duo nave floor plan has been replaced by a trio nave floor plan, creating sun lounges of double height and width and balconies located eccentrically. In part thanks to the sheer diversity of house types each tower will appear as a single colossal house and not as a series of uniform apartments stacked on top of another.

The building is largely covered in laminated Robinia wooden slats. The refined dimensions of the laminated parts, in combination with a varied application of open and closed joints, gives a rich and elaborate look. The large window frames of the sun lounges in the southern facade are constructed of slim galvanized steel profiles fitted with single glass.

Photography: ARCASA

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