Schipper house


mr and mrs Schipper



170 sq m

Building costs
118.000 euro

Private residence

The house for the Schipper family in the Matterhornlaan in Venray forms part of an infill plan in the Veltum neighbourhood, which involves adding six new plots at the end of the street. To the south, the property borders on the grounds of an existing house and to the west and the north, new houses have been built. The eastern side of the property is not built up. This side also offers an attractive view of an adjoining wood.

Based on the constraints imposed by the location, a patio model has been developed in which the house provides its own privacy while at the same time full advantage is taken of the unimpeded view. In the patio area the ‘inner skin’ of the house is opened up as much as possible, allowing a view of both the inner garden and the adjoining countryside from all rooms. In contrast, the ‘outer skin’ of the house has a closed style and is constructed from variegated red brick with the occasional opening at strategic points.

Photography: Bastiaan Ingenhousz

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