Transformation PTT-building

Recently, JSA has delivered the Preliminary Design for the transformation of the former building of the national telephone company (PTT), located on the Binnenrotte in Rotterdam. The Binnenrotte bi-weekly hosts the local market, and is one of the most vibrant spots in the center of Rotterdam.

The characteristic brickwork building is part of a bigger complex. In 2004-2009, architectural office Rapp+Rapp redeveloped the neighboring building to offices for the municipality. As a result of this renovation, the original main entrance of the complex was demolished. In the remaining part of the premises a new entrance has to be created. After the transformation it will house a catering facility on ground floor level, offices on the first and second floor, and loft apartments on the third floor and the attic.

By implementing a few well-chosen interventions in the existing rigid facade, the building will be made suitable for its new functions. The new additions are subtle but have a contemporary detailing. The most spectacular additions are the large vertical rooflights, which will provide the lofts with lots of daylight.