Opening Hostel Hirundo

This coming Thursday, the 2nd of June, the opening ceremony of the new Hostel Hirundo of the Salvation Army in Amersfoort will take place. The hostel is a prominent part of the building block designed by JSA at the Hogeweg, the eastern entrance to the city.

The Hostel is the first building of the complex that was put into operation earlier this year. In the meanwhile, also the apartments and single family houses of housing corporation De Alliantie are inhabited, as well as the apartment building at the Hogeweg. Soon, the last - and highest - building of the complex, with another 24 apartments, will be completed.

On top of the parking garage, private gardens for the single family houses and a large communal garden are created. Currently plants are being planted, so that in the near future, the residents can enjoy a lush green oasis. 

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