Ready for summer!

The apartment building Vermilioen, part of the plan Mosaiek in Woerden, is almost finished! The building is the cornerstone of the overall housing project, located at the recreational lake Cattenbroek. With its setting on the waterside and its yellowish coloring of fences and French balconies, the spot gets an almost Mediterranean ambience. This is reinforced by the catering facility, emphasized by a light natural stone plinth, with its terrace on the corner of the building that will activate the spot on the lake even more. 

After the completion of the dwellings Magenta and the apartment complex Vermilioen, the adjacent Promenade- and Shoreline houses will be completed after the summer. This part of the project has been developed parcel-wise and client oriented, whereby the houses are alternately designed by JSA and MIX. 

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