Terrace apartements 16Hoven

Recently JSA has completed the design for a luxury apartment building with nine terrace apartements, with a phenomenal view on the adjacent park. The building is located at the end of the Van der Duijn van Maasdamweg in Park Zestienhoven, in the north of Rotterdam. The application for building permission has been submitted.

The apartment building is four floors high. The front facade is oriented on the avenue; the back facade, which is south-oriented, faces the park. This duality is well-utilized in the design. The front facade of the building is a bit more closed and eminent; the back facade opens up completely. This facade has an informal character with big terraces overlooking the park and the water and facing the sun.

At present, interviews are being held with prospective buyers, who have the possibility to adjust their own apartment tailor-made: JSA is taking care of the complete interior design. Start of the construction is scheduled for mid-2015.

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