Sales kickoff Mozaiek Woerden

On one of the most beautiful locations in the new neighborhood Waterrijk in Woerden, the Mozaiek project is being developed. A varied ensemble of town houses, quay houses and apartments will arise on the southernmost island of Waterrijk, directly adjacent to the lake.

In the beginning of September, the sales drawings for the first phase of Mozaiek are completed. The project consists of 56 single family houses, 23 apartments and a commercial space which will accommodate a bar or a small restaurant. Commissioned by Heijwaal, JSA designs 21 single family houses and an apartment block with 17 apartments and the restaurant space. The other houses and a second apartment building are designed by Mix Architecture. The urban plan for Waterrijk is made by West 8.

The location is the first big quality of the plan. The island, surrounded by the artificial lake, will be accessible by a new bridge. On the left, individual houses with large wooden terraces are located directly on the water. An intimate, curvy residential street forms the transition between the quay houses and the town homes. Along hedges and prominent brick facades, the lake is already visible at the end of the street. A green park along the waterfront forms an abundant transition between the buildings on the promenade and the lake. The houses are fully oriented on the water and the green shoreline. The two apartment buildings are recognizable as striking cornerstones. By using large windows, spacious balconies and private terraces, the experience of this special place is optimized.

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