Delivery Maassluis Museum

On Thursday, April 10, the renovation of the Maassluis Museum is delivered. From now until the end of May, a new exhibition layout will be set up, whereafter the Museum will be reopened officially.

In five months, the Museum has undergone a significant transformation. The monumental ‘Dijkzaal’ has been isolated from the inside. On the back of the existing windows, new windows are placed for thermal comfort. The walls of the room have a perforated border on the top, which has an acoustic function. A brand new climate installation provides an optimal temperature and humidity for the exhibited art.

Also the reception area is completely renovated. As part of an oak wall, big pivoting doors give access to the ‘Dijkzaal’ and the entrance hall. The new entrance, which has a glass rooftop structure, is the most visible change on the exterior. The glass tower joins naturally in the small-scale urban structure of the street. In the night, the glass volume will be perceived as a lantern, shining out on Maassluis.

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