Sale kickoff Het Eerste Kwartier

In Amersfoort, the sale of the apartments of 'Het Eerste Kwartier' will start from Saturday June 22. 'Het Eerste Kwartier' is the first building block of the new Hogekwartier area. The complex, designed by JSA, consists of  48 apartments for sale, 28 apartments and 14 single-family houses for rent, and a hostel.

The 24 apartments in the first phase are located on the Hogeweg, an important access road to the center of Amersfoort. The apartments situated on ground floor level have a private garden, with direct access to the communal garden inside the block. The apartments situated on the higher floors all have a private loggia. In the design of the buildings, a lot of attention is paid to the materialization. In the facades, different mixtures of bricks are used in combination with white concrete. For each building, the colour of the window frames is tuned with the colour of the brickwork.

On Saturday June 22 in the afternoon, an info session focussing on the new Hogekwartier can be visited in 'Het Huis van Bartels', Hogeweg 112 in Amersfoort.

Visuals: A2Studio

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