Vision presentation Kolenkitbuurt

The team of JSA and architect Theo Kupers has been selected to present its vision for 'Kolenkitbuurt phase 2'. The project is part of a large plan for urban renewal of a post-war housing area in the west of Amsterdam. The program for Phase 2 consists not only 72 social housing units in different typologies, but also a community school with preliminary education, a kindergarten, a gymnasium and pre-school education.

The design provides different kinds of public and semi-public spaces to stimulate interaction between the inhabitants. A lot of attention is paid to the transitions between the houses, the outside spaces, the school and the surrounding neighborhood.

The community school is organized in a compact way. The public playground fulfills a central role in the project. By an efficient routing, a clear arrangement, good visual connections, and a variety of spaces to accommodate communal activities, the school building facilitates not just education, but it can act as a platform for the neighborhood as well.

visuals: A2Studio