Building Permit Hogeweg Block 1
The area around the Hogeweg in Amersfoort, the Hogekwartier, will completely change in the coming years. On either side of this city lane to the centre, houses, a swimming pool and sports facilities will be build. At the same time a connection between the adjacent neighborhoods of Liendert and Schuilenburg will be made, by building a fly-over named the Buurtas.

JSA has made the design for the first building block to be realized. Commissioned by De Alliantie the closed building block contains 90 houses, a hostel for drug addicts and commercial space. Below the block a parking garage is built, with on top a green courtyard.

Meanwhile, the building permit has been issued for block 1, and JSA is working hard on the technical documents for the contractor. The plan is to start construction mid-2013. On the project page of Hogeweg the latest state the design can be seen, by a number of stunning visualizations of A2Studio.

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