Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia
The exhibition 'The Dutch Way of Housing the Crowd' will open at the Dutch Cultural Centre 'Erasmus Huis' in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 18th October. More than 30 projects from 20 well know Dutch architecture practices, including JSA's student dorm proposal in Delft, have been curated. This event is part of the 2012 Jakarta Architecture Triennale and it is made possible by the Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur (SFA), Erasmus Huis, Jakarta Architecture Triennale, IAI Jakarta, IAI-EU and the Culture and Development Funds of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Providing affordable housing is one of the most important challenges in a rapidly urbanizing country like Indonesia. Designing social housing is never an easy task. The Netherlands has its long-learned experience. The term’s connotation to boring low quality structures and unattractive slabs have pushed creative Dutch architects and the housing associations to do their best to design buildings that looks exciting but stays within the budget.

In this exhibition curated by Daliana Suryawinata (Indonesian Institute of Architects European Union Chapter/ IAI-EU, SHAU), Sigit Kusumawijaya (Jakarta Architecture Triennale, IAI Jakarta) and team, one can explore a selection of recent best practices in contemporary affordable housing designs and a wallpaper of photographs of affordable housing in the Netherlands from the viewpoint of Indonesian architects.

The exhibition will be opened by the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Ambassador of Brazil, and the Indonesian Minister of Housing.

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