Nieuw Crooswijk in de Architect
In the October edition of the Dutch architectural magazine ‘de Architect’ the recently completed project of JSA in Nieuw Crooswijk is published. In a feature article on urban renewal the first building block in the Wandeloord area is widely discussed.

The urban planners of West8 have created a master plan for this pre-war neighborhood in Rotterdam. The old city quarter consisting of shallow blocks, was largely demolished and replaced by larger building blocks facing spacious streets, avenues and green open spaces.

Both single family houses and apartment buildings have been built with a mix of sale and rent. In this first building block JSA designed 35 apartments in 2 buildings and 10 single family houses, all based on a clear architectural theme; the bay window. The author of the article, Harm Tilman, puts it like this:

"Jeroen Schipper chose a different direction by designing the apartments with bay windows in white stucco facade bands, and the dwellings with large bloom frame windows on the residential first floor. Despite all variation the building block looks surprisingly homogeneous. "

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